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Let's see. I like tv (buffy/angel, alias, 24, smallville, mole, etc) music (reba, evanescence, nickel creek, michele branch, etc) and comics (x-men, teen titans, nyx, sojourn, etc). If you want to learn more about me, visit my webpage (which hasn't been up in a while so that's probably a bad idea).

Anyway, this is just a journal about who I am and the occational movie review or writting of mine (rpg posts, fanfics, fun stuff).

If I sound interesting and my picture doesn't scare you away (although this depends on if im using my picture as an avatar or not i suppose...), feel free to add me to your 'friends' list and introduce yourself!

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ME! Tremble in fear!! Mwu haha!!!! >:)

I took this picture in January 10, 2006. That's actually me in the back room of where I worked when I was a college student. It's a computer lab obviously. And I even have my nametag on. Although I was apparently possessed by a drunken monkey when I put it on!

And here's my evil twin!!!!

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Watch out for him!!!

If you'd like to see more recent pictures of me (I'm too lazy to do the Photobucket link thing at the moment) check me out at FaceBook now that I've linked it. Or Twitter if you want, but I'm never on there. Though I do make some random/dumb/funny Tweets every once in a while.

OR if you'd like to see me in action check out my vlog at YouTube: Martheev Manor

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